RAAMPS is a highly sophisticated algorithm that has provided buy and sell signals since 2007 that optimize the returns on a particular stock or ETF. The program eliminates all emotion and the FOMO effect.

We are NOT an RIA, BD or a bank; what we are is a hand full of people that have created, maintain and optimize the program which is self-learning; think AI that adjusts not only to a particular stock / ETF movement but also to the broader market and economic parameters.

For nearly 15 years we have doubled the return of the broader market (22% to 10%). We currently have a 78% success rate as defined as the percentage of stocks that performed better using the RAAMPS program than using a Buy & Hold strategy on that particular holding.

How can a small group of people out-perform say a Merrill Lynch? The larger firms follow the herd – heck Merrill even calls their advisors the “Thundering Herd”. What we do is take a path less travelled and have historically significantly cut down the downside.

We currently provide signals for about 1,600 advisors but you probably have not heard of us. We do not market as we choose to reinvest our revenues to maximize performance for our existing subscribers. Over 95% of our current subscribers have come to us via a referral from an existing advisor.