RAAMPS is a highly sophisticated quantitative algorithm that has been providing buy and sell signals on individual stocks and ETFs to financial advisors since 2007.

These signals are designed to optimize the returns on a particular stock or ETF by selling and going into cash as the stock or ETF corrects; then buying back once the sell-off has ended .  The program or process eliminates all emotion and the FOMO effect.

We are NOT an RIA, BD or a bank nor do we manage or custodian monies; we are a team that created, maintains and optimizes our proprietary program to protect your client’s assets by going into cash during a correction in a particular stock / ETF movement.

We designed our services and pricing to help the smaller RIAs and independent advisors. Our typical subscriber advisor has over $10mm in assets that they have placed  into the RAAMPS process; meaning their cost is less than 5 bps.

For over 15 years we have nearly doubled the return of the broader market (18% to 9%). We currently have a 73% success rate as defined as the percentage of stocks that performed better using the RAAMPS program than using a Buy & Hold strategy on that particular holding.

We currently provide signals to about 380 advisors. We have chosen not to market as we choose to keep our fees low and reinvest our revenues to maximize performance for our existing subscribers. Over 95% of our current subscribers have come to us via a referral from an existing advisor.

As part of our service, we send signal information via text message to members. By signing up for a membership, you agree to receive text messages from RAAMPS. You can unsubscribe from the text message service by emailing us at


Annual Membership
$5,000 / Year
Monthly Membership
$500 / Month


Additional Desktops Available for $1,000 / Year
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